My background is in athletics and I am accredited by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (N.S.C.A.) as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.) as well as by the American College of Sports and Medicine (A.C.S.M.) as a Health and Fitness Specialist (C.H.F.S.). I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology with a minor in psychology from Bridgewater State University in 2008. Since then I have worked privately as well as in physical therapy, cardiac rehab, a commercial setting and a postural rehab clinic as a certified posture specialist.  I now work as a private strength coach, personal trainer, public speaker and regular contributor for BuiltLean.com.

If you haven’t guessed, my main passion is making people better, stronger, leaner and more awesome than they already are. I live, breathe and eat fitness and have a pragmatic and unbiased philosophy towards training and take pride in having sound principles to guide me. I do not believe that there is one method or “magic bullet” for anyone to reach their goals but there are sound principles that you MUST follow to achieve success. Whether you are training to lose weight, get stronger, get faster, pick up your grandchildren, or just look good nekkid you must start with a solid foundation.

“As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

My training principles are simple; get stronger and move better.

If your current program does not fall into these categories it may be time to rethink your approach. We train to get better at the things we do simple. We squat, we push, we pull, we bend, and we move without pain or restriction. This is, in essence, the basis of a sound training program. What baffles me is why continue to train using exercises that compound previous imbalances or injuries.

Over the years, I have researched many methods to get myself and my clients to move better and get stronger but it wasn’t until I began studying the FMS system by Gray Cook and Lee Burton that it all “made sense”. The basic tenet of first moving well then moving often just makes sense but is rarely the case in most people’s training. Training movement can fix muscles but training movement rarely fixes muscles.

Personally I have been back and forth with many different training methods as I am always finding better approaches. Combine making mistakes, never-ending education, and “borrowing” programs from the best in the industry and you have the coach I am today.

Why this website?

Well, you may have stumbled onto the 1% of fitness blogs that provides solid evidence-based training and nutrition information without trying to sell you junk or gimmicks. This is a resource for anyone who is interested in reaching peak health, fitness, strength training, and bodybuilding goals. I invite you all to join in discussions by sharing your views and commenting on each post. After all, one of the first step towards higher learning is asking questions.

I created this website (it was just a WordPress blog back then) in December of 2009 in order to sharpen my skills as a writer and answer many of the questions I had been receiving from clients and friends who all seemed to have the same questions.  Since then it has become an outlet to share the research I come across as well as my own personal experiences with training, diet, and life in general.  I hope you stay!