Being the holidays I thought it would be relevant to share a few articles regarding nutrition strategies (I’m starting to hate the word ‘diet’ because they are rarely successful) since many people tend to go into panic mode when they are surrounded by mountains of delicious food.

So before you do or don’t indulge in those Christmas cookies (yes, I said Christmas cookies.  I don’t eat ‘holiday’ cookies) read these:

Paleo, Vegan, Intermittent Fasting… What’s the Best Diet? – Dr. John Berardi

I can’t speak highly enough of John’s approach to nutritional strategies.  He always provides some of the most practical advice for chronic dieters to help them take control of their nutrition and ultimately world domination…well, close.

Hunger and Fullness Cues, and the Story of Hyper-Rewarding and Hyper-Palatable Food – Brian St. Pierre

Food is a lot more complicated than just containing calories and nutrients.  If you understand how certain foods effect your brain and how notice hunger cues it will be MUCH easier to control your body composition and health.  Really cool read.

I Know What To Do… Why Am I Still Not In Shape? – Nate Green

This isn’t a nutrition article per say but I feel it is something a lot of people who struggle with.  Nate breaks it down to a couple of SIMPLE things that you may not be doing.

Working out regularly…..check.

Eating properly…..uhhh check(ish).

Find out what else you should be doing.


Written by Steve