It’s been a week since my last post and I wish there was a better reason than I have been in a funk but that just about sums it up.  Last week I got some more bad news regarding my business which sets me back several months.

As many of you may know I have been struggling to open my facility in downtown Boston (still trying to find space) and dealing with middle men, investment firms and brokers has been a frustrating experience to say the least.  I’m sure it is tough in any industry but especially one where you need to maintain client relationships in the process.

Well, last week I lost out on the third space I have worked so hard to close on (since August) as the investment firm I would have been renting from decided to throw a curveball before signing papers and require a 50k deposit!!  What the $#%#, m#@$# %^&$!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deep breath.  Now, I’m no business expert but I would assume that since they knew my budget from day one 3 months ago this is something that could have been laid out right from the get-go?  AmIright?

Anywho, it put me in a mega funk as I feel like I’m letting a lot of people down who are eager to train.  And now I feel like I have been letting my readers down by not posting.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Before I share a few articles and other stuff I feel you should check out I will let you know that I WILL NOT be beat.  I have another prospective location that I am working hard to secure.  We will be lifting heavy objects and training in no time!

Here’s the list:

Inner City Weightlifting

This is something that will warm your heart and restore some of your faith in humanity.  The non-profit, Inner City Weightlifting, is a group whose goal is reduce street and gang violence by offering a weightlifting classes to underprivileged youth around the Boston area.

I can’t speak highly enough about what this organization is doing for these kids as well as the city of Boston so head over to their site to read more about their mission and what they are doing.  ESPN even did a special on ICW and if you have a few minutes I recommend checking it out, it will warm your heart:

This is a great cause and they appreciate any donations to support their cause.  I emailed the director myself and plan to head over for a workout with the kids and see firsthand the good that can be done in this world.

Eric Cressey – Why You Struggle to Train Overhead: And What to Do About It

Eric is just on another level when it comes to helping people move better and train smarter.  He is quickly becoming the jedi-master of the strength training and coaching world but enough bromance for now.  His latest post on how (and who shouldn’t) train overhead is the bees knees.

Lat Pulldown Technique

Last but not least is my latest article on Built Lean teaching proper form and alternatives for the lat pulldown exercise.  I know, I know….I preach that everyone should be working towards pull-ups and chin-ups but for some this may be a much better option.  Find out why as well as check out a great alternative if you have cranky shoulders or elbows.

Here is one of the exercises I show, the half kneeling 1-arm cable pulldown (say that 10 times fast):

P.S. You always know winter is coming the more translucent my skin gets.

Written by Steve