We are one week down in 2013 and it is already shaping up to be one of the best years yet!  Why is that you might ask?  It has little to do with the fact that you have made it through the first 13 days of the year without missing a workout.  It is partially due to the fact that I am getting married to the most inspiring, wonderful and beautiful woman in the world.  But the real reason that this year is going to be better than any year prior is that you are still alive.

That’s right (although a bit morbid) you are still alive and have every power humanly possible to get everything you want out of life.  Money, power, a six pack.  Make it happen.  New Year’s resolutions will come and go but the momentum you are able to build year round will be what takes you to the next level.

All I have to say is your going to need all the momentum you can get with prophets like the Mayans, Nostradamus and Oprah predicting the end of the world.  Step one is getting prepared for the impending zombie apocalypse and yes, they do know how to pick off the slow and weak.  Don’t be that guy!

Today, along with a couple articles, I wanted to share a program that was designed by my friends Roger “Roglaw” Lawson and John “Roman” Romaniello who are coincidentally two of the brightest minds in the fitness industry.  They also know a thing or two about dodging brain eating zombies!

Who is the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Workout for?

This is for anyone who is simply looking for a great program with a specific outcome: get bigger, stronger and faster in order to SURVIVE.  The program is designed to help people:

  • build muscle and get stronger
  • develop speed
  • increase endurance and work capacity
  • get leaner
  • prevent injury
  • jump higher and hit harder

All I have to say is they hit this one out of the park so it can be enjoyed by anyone at every fitness level.  If you haven’t yet, head over to their site to get your copy of the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Workout!

5 Muscle Building Mistakes (And How To Make Gains) – Brad Schoenfeld

Brad is hands down one of the most influential and intelligent professionals in the fitness world.  Chances are you know his work or have read an article or book he has had his hand in.  Needless you should listen to the things he has to say.  I thought this was a killer article that outlines the mistakes you have probably been making and shares how to fix them.  Read this now.

How To Front Squat: Everything You Need To Know – Eric Cressey

Whether it is barbell, goblet, sandbag, or corpse, one of my favorite exercises of all time is a front loaded squat. If you are looking to develop strength, power, a solid core or just looking to get lean this should be a weekly staple.  Eric Cressey (speaking of smart dudes) goes into great detail on how to properly set up, load and progress the front squat.

That’s all for today since the Patriots are on in 15min, I will be back next Sunday with a few more articles for you all to check out.  GO PATS!


Written by Steve