I had the opportunity to nerd out and listen to some recent Fitcast podcasts this morning since Lindsay is out doing some wedding shopping with her BFF.  Not our wedding (yet), her friend’s.  She has the role of maid of honor which has opened my eyes to how much work goes into a wedding.   Sooo my only question is when is teh bachelor party?

I kid, this is all very exciting.  I get to marry my best friend who is 9 times out of 10 on the same page as me AND enjoys lifting heavy things off the ground repeatedly.  SPOILER ALERT: We are having a BBQ cater which may or may not include gourmet swine such as pulled pork or a pig roast.  Saaawwweeeeet!

This stuff is all fine and dandy but I can feel my T-levels beginning to plummet so I am heading out with the guys tonight to eat beer, drink some steak, make loud noises and go see The Expendables II.  Then once Linds is done with all this stuff I will surely be watching it a 2nd time with her.  Epic.

As for the random post topic today, that came while listening to an interview with Alwyn Cosgrove talking about evolving in the fitness industry.  Times are a changin’ for all of us, coaches and trainees alike and that word ‘evolve’ got me a thinkin’.  Why do we evolve?  What happens to those who don’t?

There is a definitive link between training and nature, human and animal, peanut butter and bacon.  Survival.  If you are not evolving, you are plateauing.  I think we both know which one survives.  (hint: dinosaurs didn’t evolve)

[quote author=”- Yours Truly”]We are the product of 4.5 million years of evolution.  It is complacent to think that we are the last step.  Evolve.[/quote]

As you all know, evolution doesn’t happen over the course of a second or a minute.  As a matter of fact, not much happens over the course of a year.  Although a lot can happen in a decade, this is still a mere speck on the evolutionary chain.

Training is no different.  Not much is going to happen in a week or even a month.  Results are the product of years of progress and consistent evolution.  I get a lot of new trainees and clients asking how to get down to x amount of bodyfat or build muscle to look like so-and-so.  

My response is always the same, “so-and-so has been training for over a decade, battled the plateaus, and made steady and consistent improvement.  Are you ready to commit?”.  If you think 10 years is a long time my only question is “Do you have anything better to do?”.  

Think about it, why do we train in the first place?  To get better at something most definitely.  There are very few of us that go to the gym and think to ourselves ‘I think I am going to stay the same today.’  Most of us want to lose a little fat, get a little stronger or build a physique to rival Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. (Expendables 3?)

You don’t have to go to the gym, but you DO have to take care of yourself.  If you sit at a desk all day and do nothing to stay on top of your health it is safe to say you are DE-volving.  For the rest of us who like to take care of our health and fitness, just ‘going’ to the gym isn’t going to cut it.  

Example: I can walk into a library every day but what is the point if I don’t read any of the books?

This is when it all comes down to smart programming, tightening up your diet or changing your way of thinking.  If you are doing the same thing you were doing last month or even 5 years ago, are you evolving?  It’s a slow process but it’s not THAT slow.  Find ways to improve either daily, weekly or monthly.  Make the time you spend ‘training’ valuable.

Are you lifting more weight?  

Doing more complicated movements?

Are you eating better? 

Doing something you couldn’t do last year?

Creating better habits?

Fixing your mobility or posture?

There is no good excuse for a plateau.  If something isn’t working, fix it.  If you want results, evolve.  

Written by Steve