After reading Part 1 you’re probably saying to yourself,

You: “Maybe I can do this, my goals are realistic!”.

Me:  “Well, your right!  You have the first step out of the way so meow it is time to move on to your current diet.”

You: “My current diet sucks, that’s why I am here.  Why do we need that?”

Me: “It is important to figure out where you are meow in order to see what we need to change.”

You: “Did you just say meow?”

Me: “Am I saying meow?”

You: “I thought…”

Me: “Don’t think boy, just listen to me right meow.”

I could really go on forever like this and hopefully you all got the Super Troopers reference.  Meow for the point of all this.  Sorry, I could’t resist.

I’m actually going to keep it pretty brief today since this should be a simple topic.  The next step towards taking control of your diet for whatever your goal might be is to figure out what you are currently stuffing down your pie-hole as they say.

What is your current diet like?

Approximately how many calories do you consume daily?

How much protein/fat/carbs do you eat?

This is where I am going to leave some of the leg work up to you.  That’s right, you are going to work.  Did you think I was going to do it for you? I mean if you are reading this now then you have some desire to lose some fat, build some mass or for some, do both.

[quote author=”- Me “]The MOST important aspect of your diet is getting the right amount of calories and proper proportions of protein, fat and carbohydrates daily.  Period.”[/quote]

For the most part, I have noticed that most people tend to eat the same things on a regular basis.  This is a good thing in this case because it will allow you to tally up some of your “regular” meals.  The ones you eat in a restaurant will be more difficult but I will get to that in a little bit.

For now all you need to make a food journal and keep track of what you eat daily for a couple of days to a week.  It is VERY important to NOT change your diet as this will give you a false idea of where your are at meow.  (And another one! Number 7!)

I have had numerous diet questions from family and friends over the years and this is the first place I direct them.  Those who follow through have had some amazing success but others have flat out told me that this is too hard.

What the f$#%^?!  If this is the “hard” part then what makes you think the rest will be easy?  All you have to do is write down what you eat.  Buy a notebook at CVS, $2 my friend.  Boom.

Wait, not that Notebook!

Anyways, once you have your daily food intake written down for several days the next step is to add up the calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates for each food item and then total for each day.

I know most of you are saying “I don’t know how many calories are in my snozberries or how much protein is packed in my gorilla burger.”  This is normal.  I don’t know how many calories are in most things either but it is easy to figure out if you know how.

The easiest way to find out is to use an online program or app that will do it for you. Simple right? There are literally thousands of these out there that will calculate anything from an Egg McMuffin to a Little Debbie Snack.  Go ahead, Google it.

That’s it.  That is literally all I want you to do for now.  When your done, you will have a better idea of your current diet and how many calories you are eating daily.

Done yet?  No?  Well get going and I will be waiting with Part 3: Meet Your Macros!

Written by Steve