If you were thinking this post was going to be about soggy Betty Crocker crusted chicken you are sadly mistaken.  The only shaking and baking going on is going to be you crushing your workouts to make your goals for 2011 so read on!

Things have been a little chaotic around here for the past couple of weeks mainly due to the fact that the summer is winding down, people are coming back from vacation and now realizing that those extra cocktails at happy hour may not have been such a good idea later that night for the abz.

Thus begins one of my busier seasons as people are transitioning back to indoor mode and swearing off laziness and vacations, until next summer at least.  How I look at it is we are a little more than 75% into the year.

Remember those New Years Eve Resolutions or fitness goals that you may or may not have set 9 months ago?  You have had almost a whole year to crush some weights, so…

Have you made any progress towards your goals?

You, my friend, have 3 and a half months left so what are you going to do about it? It is time to stop making excuses and finish what you set out to do whether it is lose weight, run a marathon or lift an ungodly amount of weight.  Unlike Obama, lets actually make some progress in 2011.

As you all know, my current goal of hitting a 500lb deadlift has not been met.  Keep in mind that this was not a goal that I expected to hit in a year.  After my last powerlifting meet in February where I pulled 408, I vowed to hit 500 within two years.

So, where am I now?

Well, the last time I checked was back in June and I was up to a lofty 435.  Since then I have been chipping away at my training and training with numbers far below my max with a 5/3/1 program.  I guess calling 450 the halfway point is currently where I stand but I won’t find out until my next meet in January.

Which leaves me to my current situation and the point of this post.  September is busy and like the old cast of Saved By The Bell, I don’t get to go back to school anymore.  I just work.  A lot.

Since I am getting busier I am finding less time to justify working out so in order to maitain a life balance something has got to give.  My workouts have to be shortened and a little more precise.  Meaning, no fluffing around with useless crap like biceps curls.

Real men wear singlets!

Today for instance I had to knock my session down to only 5/3/1 deadlifts and a few speed squats for good measure.  Along with 5 minutes of rolling and warmup, I managed to cut a 60 minute workout down to about 25.  Bada bing, bada boom.

Moral of the story: Do whatever it takes to stay on track with your goals.  Cut out the bullshit in your life workout and get it done.  Period.  Winning!

Written by Steve