This is going to be a quick post today as I just wanted to share a hardcore workout I did today.  Not my usual training but I have to prepare for the upcoming Spartan Race that Lindsay and I are doing at the end of August.  It’s not my usual event as I typically train for powerlifting but I thought it would be something fun and motivating to do with Lindsay as well as the Summer Street staff.

Since this is my typical deloading week from my current 5/3/1 program I thought I would up the cardio and throw in some extreme circuit training.  This is the exact training that the ancient Spartans used to prepare to do battle with the gods.  Or at least very similar.

Here it is (minus the spear throwing and battle to the death thing…I swore a little too, shh):


  • Jumping Jacks x 20
  • Foam Rolling x 3min
  • Single Leg Glute Bridge x 8/side
  • Warrior Lunge Stretch x 30s/side
  • Spiderman Lunge w/Overhead Reach x 5/side
  • Burpees x 10


  • Treadmill Run (6% Incline:6mph) x 4:00
  • Kettlebell Farmers Walk 24kg/5 Burpees x 2 rounds
  • Treadmill Run (1% Incline:8mph) x 4:00
  • Battle Ropes x 30s/5 Pushups x 2 rounds
  • Treadmill Run (7% Incline:7mph) x 4:00
  • Heavy Sled Push/10 Seated Cable Rows x 2 rounds
  • Treadmill Run (1% Incline:9mph) x 4:00
  • Overhead Carry x 24Kg/Spiderman Lunges x 2 rounds
  • Treadmill Run (8% Incline:6mph) x 4:00

Recovery included a few minutes of laying on the floor followed by a protein recovery shake, gatorade and a bagel and 30 minutes later consuming a feast fit for a Spartan Warrior (a.k.a. a burrito bowl from Chipotle).  Train like a Spartan, eat like a Spartan, compete like a Spartan.

Start to finish, it takes about 30min and is a killer way to burn some fat.  Let me know what you think.

Written by Steve