It’s late, you just got home from work and you are starving.  You drop your things on the table, miss and everything falls on the floor.  As you throw your hands in the air and beeline it over to the cabinet that is filled with the typical crap (more on this in a bit).  Since you don’t feel like cooking and things like vegetables or a tiny yogurt will not be satisfying you reach for a quick energy source.

In this case, the box of cookies has a little cartoon elf on the front with a magic wand to make your “not so great” day a little better.  You are supplied with a blast of carbohydrate (and sugar) goodness instantly and your hunger is satiated….temporarily.

You flick on the T.V. for some brain drain until the sugar and carbs cause your crash and you hit the hay…a little later than you wanted too/should while visions of sugar (crack) fairies dance in your head.

In the morning, you wake up a little later than you wanted too and in a panic for some quick energy you reach for more cartoon laden carbs.  This time it is a little frosted piece of cereal with a smiley face claiming to be “adult”.  Sneaky bastard.  Well at least, you put some milk in it.

Well, the day is under way and you are already behind on your nutrition and have a fear that the previous night’s event will happen again.  Think of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day whenever this happens.

So you sucked last night and yet again at breakfast time.  Good news is you have about 4 cups of coffee in you at this point and have a little more common sense which you can use towards your diet.

Who needs food for energy when you have caffeine?

You have a few minutes between answering emails to grab a quick snack and since your training session is a couple hours away you want to have something good to report to the trainer.  You head to the store downstairs and grab a Kashi Bar and almost inhale the wrapper since you are so hungry.  This is at about 10:00 and you train at 12:00.

You are temporarily satiated up till go time but then as you begin warming up you are starting to get a little hungry.  You start to complain about how much the workout sucks and get mentally and physically fatigued after about 20minutes of exercise.

You equate being fatigued to a great workout and continue on.  You throw in a few expletives and your trainer lightens the intensity (even though he knows you can do much more) and begins to talk about diet and fatigue.

This is where the confessions begin.  “I didn’t eat enough today”, “I ate crap last night”, “I didn’t eat breakfast”.  At this point you are starting to get discouraged and feeling like it is impossible to eat healthy and train hard enough to reach your goals.  Usually being fat loss.


The session is over, you are exhausted and frustrated and leave the gym determined to eat something healthy….I think.

This is where one of two things typically happens:

  1. You eat a salad w/grilled chicken (people think this is the healthiest thing on the planet)
  2. You figured that you just worked out so you eat whatever is in site.  Maybe a leftover muffin that is sitting in the office.

This is when things start to get really hairy since you are obligated to take out a client after work for dinner and drinks.  You had all intentions of going for a jog after work and cooking some chicken and vegetables but duty calls and you are being counted on to close a new deal.  This is where your willpower will be tested with fois gras, french fries, and a 20ox porterhouse with a cherry port glaze.  Not to mention a bottle of wine and other adult beverages.

After a James Bond martini or two you become ravenous since you are still depleted from your workout earlier this afternoon.  Maybe you should have had something more than just a little salad and some dry chicken boob when the calories mattered.  You are hungry, you want to impress, your inhibitions are lowered and your willpower has just left the building.

A few more drinks and hours of entertaining, you head back to your casa (via cab of course) when you realize you are hungry as hell.  Well, you are actually thirsty but since you opted for that last glass of scotch rather than water you are dehydrated and your body doesn’t distinguish between the two.

Your kid’s Chips Ahoy are just to tempting to pass up so you grab a couple and down a glass of milk.  What is better than late night milk and cookies?

The alcohol does it’s job and you nod off for the night, waking up several times to pee.  After a crappy night’s sleep and hitting the snooze button 10 times, you wake up with remnants of cookie on the corner of your mouth.  Guilty.  Discouraged.  Not wanting to do the homework your trainer gave you.

Does this sound familiar or at least partly familiar?

Has a good diet.

This isn’t the whole story that I get from my clients but I do piece together something that is very similar.  I went out drinking.  I only had a salad today.  I didn’t have time for breakfast.  I had my kid’s food last night.  I had snacks before bed.

The fact is that this is a very common pattern and what is preventing most people from reaching their goals.  You don’t look like Jamie Eason because you don’t eat like Jamie.  It takes discipline, strong principles, and hard work.  You don’t only have to train your body and your diet, you have to train your life.

Here are the problems with this type of eating pattern:

  • There is not enough protein (should be consumed at EVERY meal)
  • There is either no breakfast or a poor breakfast (Make this your BEST meal)
  • Post workout nutrition is non-existant (get in protein and carbs….quick!)
  • not enough calories after your workout (this is where you should consume the most)
  • too many calories late at night (not close to your workout)
  • eating shit from a box (stop eating like a child, you are an adult dammit)

In part two I am going to share what a good/great days eating is like.  Hopefully you will see where you can improve to finally lose the last few pounds of body fat.  I know your intrigued so stay tuned America!

Written by Steve