I hope you all had enjoyed a nice long weekend and celebrated the birth of our nation as I did by firing up some animal flesh, baking in the sun, swinging some kettlebells, and watching colorful explosions.  I know it’s been a while since my last post so I have a few things I wanted to share in that span.

With the 4th of July falling on a Monday this year, I’m sure there are a lot of you  who took long vacations from work and the stresses of every day life.  Some of you went to the beach, some of you went to a lake, some in the mountains, and some to Canada to visit my good friend Jon Goodman after reading the ballin interview I did with him last week.  The point is that you left your normal life to disconnect for a short time.

Personally, it has been about 2 years since I have taken a healthy vacation and got out of the city for a period of time.  I left work, training, and my laptop (it was hard) behind and headed up to Lake Winnepesauke with Lindsay and our dog, Koa.  With all the work I have been doing with the new website, in the gym with my clients and keeping up with my education it was a welcome break to get my mind off things and relax for a long weekend.

Getting away is something that we all need to stay, well, sane.  But how many of you ditch all your values and hard work in the gym the second you step out that door and into the company of good friends, good atmosphere, and good beer?  Quite a few judging by some of my clients penance for chowing down on mountains of potato salad, chips, burgers and dogs.  Moderation was thrown out the window.

It is o.k., actually highly recommended, to indulge during vacatations, holidays, and special occasions (as long as there isn’t one every weekend) but remember that your goals do not disappear during this time.  This is the most important time to make sure that you have strong values in place.  What is going to prevent you from sitting in front of that bowl of Lays and cooler of Bud with reckless abandon?  Good values my friend, that’s what.

Although Lindsay grilled up a rack of pork ribs with her homemade BBQ sauce (one more reason I love this girl) and I had a big fat greasy burger I set my self up for success by bringing  other things to keep me on track…and healthy.  Besides the usual of a couple (dozen) eggs, stuff for smoothies, protein powder, sandwich accoutre mon, and of course beer, I made sure to pack up some kettle bells and a TRX to get in some fun training with Lindsay.

Although she is in better shape than I am, I did my best to keep up 🙂  We started off by warming up with some light stretching and mobility drills and found a nice patch of grass near the shore to do some turkish get-ups as the sun was making it’s way into the sky.  I used this opportunity of training outside to take some time and practice kettlebell juggling.  Nothing structured, just playing around and having some fun.

I had Lindsay playing around with some other kettlebell and TRX exercises while I kept juggling and trying not to drop a kettlebell on my toes.  Since I did not video my first juggling experience, I will share a video of the Latvian heart throb Vasily Ginko competition juggling.  Even more badass, he has two enormous swords in his intro.  You have to check this out!

Here is Lindsay’s lakeside workout:

Set 1:

  • KB Snatch   3×10/side
  • KB Goblet Squat   3×10
  • TRX Row   3×10

Set 2:

  • KB Clean and Press 3×5/side
  • KB Unilateral Reverse Lunge 3×6/side
  • TRX Pushups 3×10

We finished up with a conditioning circuit of 5 sets of 15 KB swings combined with a 15 yard hill sprint with an incline of close to 70 degrees.  Needless to say, it was a good idea when we started.  When we finished, lying in the grass was a better idea.

Start to finish, the workout took about 35 minutes and when we were done I felt our reward should be a rack of ribs the size of my torso.  It was a fun way to spend time with Lindsay and a great way to start off an epic vacation.

Besides falling in a hole trying to lite a sparkler for Lindsay (other than a few scratches, the only thing bruised was my ego) the trip was a success. I also didn’t lose any fingers lighting off fireworks so I will chalk that up as a success as well.  I will be heading back to work refreshed and ready to take my coaching skills and my own training to the next level.

Written by Steve