Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye.

I may owe this one to the Bruins as I had an big AHA moment as I was on my way to the game.  Not only was I able to witness the Bs sawweeeeeeeep the Flyers and win the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time in 19 years but I’m pretty sure I figured out where my right hip dysfunction comes from….

Like most men, I travel lightly by carrying my keys, cellphone, and wallet.  The bare necessities for urban travel.  Women, on the other hand, who tend to travel with a purse filled with enough “stuff” to survive several weeks in the jungles of South America, a tornado, and panther attack may have the upper hand on this one.

It might be a pain in the butt to carry all that “stuff” (I am using the politically correct term here) but in the end we are the ones getting the pain in the butt.  From our wallets.

I have known for some time now that my right hip is tighter than a (insert raunchy joke here).  I have been diligent about stretching and trying to gain mobility in my right hip but have seen little if any improvement.   I should have known better but I have been treating the symptom, not the cause.  This is a BIG no-no.

Long story short, there is a good chance that the dysfunction in my right hip is caused by sitting on my wallet for the past 10+ years.  Now it hasn’t caused any sciatic pain but it may have been the cause of an injury/pain or two over the years.

For older men who have been sporting a wallet in their back pocket for many more years, this may be the cause of some bigger issues such as “piriformis syndrome” which is a common form of sciatica.

What exactly does that mean?  Back pain, knee pain, muscle imbalances, sciatic neuropathy, and even worse death.  Well maybe not the last one but it still sucks none the less.  

The best treatment would be to see a nerve specialist but in many cases the only treatment needed is to get mobility back to the area.

This might be a duh-ism, but the best way to start would be to not keep your wallet in your back pocket anymore.  Maybe try keeping a small billfold in your front pocket or when you are out with your wife/girlfriend keep it in her pocketbook (provided she is not a gold digger).  My other suggestion would be to keep it in a satchel.

It is never too late to reverse some of the damage that has been done so it is important to nip this problem in the bud asap.  Here are a few stretches to help lengthen the piriformis and relieve some pain and tightness.  Mobility is essential as well and although stretching alone will not fix the problem it is a good start.

Written by Steve