I speak with many people on a regular basis about weightloss that swear up and down that they eat right “most” of the time.  In trainer speak that roughly translates to “I have all intentions of eating well most of the time but it’s about 50/50.”

But there are those select few who do in fact eat ther’ eggs, drink ther’ smoothies, and eat a very healthful (fruits, veggies, lean meats/proteins…for those of you who are wondering what healthful is) diet.  For these people, it may not be the “most of the time” that is the reason you can’t shed the last few inches on those McMuffin tops.

Chances are it is the “some times” that are throwing a wrench in your fat burning gears.  These are those selective times where you choose to basically eat whatever you want because it is such a “small” part of your day/week.

I am talking about the times when you sit down to watch T.V., to when you go out for cocktails after work, to when you go on vacation, to even the holidays.  It almost seems like when people say they eat well “most of the time” they almost repress these times that happen more frequently then they realize.

I work in a unique area as I am in the Financial District in Boston.  Besides the fact that there is always a sports team in some sort of playoff mode (which causes going out and celebrating or watching the games at a bar), my clients tend to go out a bit more on business to schmooze.

Working out and eating well “most of the day” then going out and eating crap and having a few drinks = no results.  For some of you this may be obvious, for others it may be like finding out there is no Santa Clause or that Justin Bieber is really a 40yr old lesbian.  For those people, I’m not sorry to burst your bubble.

You can’t always rely on willpower to get you through these times because it is not an inexhaustible resource.  If you haven’t already noticed, your willpower sucks at certain times and this is normal.  You just have to be diligent about planning ahead and sticking to a plan.  You do have a plan don’t you?

If you don’t, here are a few strategies to outwit your willpower at these peak times of fatness.

Watching T.V.

The problem: You worked all day and now you want to turn your brain off in front of the T.V. with a high fat/high sugar snack.

The fix: If you are not eating something low-calorie/nutrient dense like veggies then only bring one serving with you to the couch.  Use a small bowl or only bring two cookies with a glass of non-fat milk (gotta get that protein in).

Your On Vacation

The problem: Your sitting on a beach somewhere and want to crush some Coronas and Mai Tais but don’t want to come home 10lbs heavier.

The fix: Go for it!  Unless you go on vacation once a month this doesn’t come around too often.  If you do plan to overindulge, just make sure that you are getting in exercise such as jogging in the morning or busting out some squats and burpees in your hotel room.  I’m sure the staff has heard crazier things coming from behind the door.

A Breakup or Other Unexpected Disappointment

The problem: You want to bury your sorrows in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

The fix: Instead of making things worse by ruining months of hard work, go out with friends for a power walk or run to talk it out.  Better yet, set a positive goal (not getting back at your x via Facebook) like being able to run a 5k or finally doing a full bodyweight pullup.  Basically, focus your “pissed off rage” in the right direction.

A Party with Great (fattening) Food

The problem: Theres food, it’s free, your trainer is nowhere to be found.

The fix: Never go to one of these things on an empty stomach.  Make sure that you eat a high protein snack before you go.  If you are pressed for time, stop at a store and grab a protein bar and bottle of water.  This should help you stave off hunger.

If you must choose, choose wisely.

At a Restaurant With Huge Portions

The problem: Delicious food makes it hard to push the plate away.  If it is a business dinner, you want to make the client feel comfortable (i.e. if they eat, you eat).

The fix: If you are serious about making that big change in your life, the trick here is to doggy bag at the front end of your meal.  Ask for half your portion to be brought on a plate and the other half to be brought in a to-go box.  Several of my clients have tried this and had HUGE success.

Basically, a little planning with a big dose of the obvious goes a long way when it comes to staying on track with your diet.  Think of all the times when your diet is doomed to fail and plan ahead.  


Written by Steve