I just wanted to dump some of my random thoughts on you for the day, kind of like how Fergie dumped on one of the greatest songs of all time.  Seriously, what was up with that?

I have been receiving more and more emails and questions from clients and readers lately so I just wanted to answer a few of them in one post.  Remember though, these are my opinions and my opinions alone so if you disagree then post a comment below and we can get a discussion going.

1.)  Is it just me or did the Superbowl this year super suck?  Well, except for the outcome of course.  I really hope Roethlesburger (I spelled his name wrong, I don’t care) gets traded somewhere shitty next year like the Raiders so I can stop hearing his name.

Either way, the NFL really dropped the ball on this one by far.  Maybe I’m still a little bitter about the Patriots losing but this year was just missing a certain element.  Mainly excitement…even though how terrible the talent was actually was entertaining.  I am going to leave Christina alone (although she should be deported) because she still sounds like an angle floating on Charmin Ultra Soft.

2.) In between the football game that I wasn’t paying much attention too since I was laughing at all the great facebook and twitter feeds, the commercials really weren’t as good as they usually are.  For what they pay for a 30 second spot I think they should really take it up a notch.  I’m looking at you Coca Cola.  Doritos, you may be a terrible food but your commercial was hilarious.  And the E-trade baby?  I think it’s time to grow up.

There was one commercial that had to warm your heart because it was freakin adorable.  Volkswagon put out the best commercial (besides the one of Rosanne getting nailed by a log) with a mini-Darth Vader using the force.  If you didn’t watch or see this kid on the Today Show the next day here it is:

3) Fergie knows how to work it and train hard but it seems like she really can’t sing.  If anyone has ever wanted to see the Black Eyed Peas live I’m pretty sure that has changed.  Way to butcher one of the greatest songs of all time.

4) Why are grapefruits such a tedious fruit to consume?  Just sayin.

5) Once again, a.) lifting heavy weights will not make you bulky and b.) just doing cardio to lose weight is like sculpting a glacier with a spoon….it will take forever.  I have trained and spoke with many successful women figure models and athletes who stay lean with gorgeous bodies year round who do little to no conventional “cardio”.

Of course they are working with someone in the biz who knows what they are doing or they have done their research.  I am not saying that deadlifting and pulling heavy weights is the only way to get lean but for 99.9% of the population it may be the best way.  Trying to lose weight and get toned (as people still like to call it) without any muscle on your body is like trying to drive your car when the E light is on.  You might move a little bit but you are not going to get too far.

If you are not able to do 10 bodyweight pushups, a single pullup or deadlift at least your bodyweight that might be a great place to start.  And believe me, that is only a start and these things will NOT make you bulky.

Yes, I still have a boyish crush on Jamie Eason.

6) This gets it’s own number.  In the words of Rachel Cosgrove: “Strong is the new sexy.” Nuff said.

7) I was talking to Roger Lawson on Saturday about all the phenomenal coaches that hail from the Northeast and all their blogs and great content.  Represent! There must be something in the water.  Seriously.  Here is a list of some of the coaches and trainers that live in and around the Boston area with great blogs:

I have either talked to or met most of the phenomenal coaches on the list in person or on the internet.  If I haven’t, I would like to someday.  They are some of the best and brightest so I recommend perusing their sights.

8) Rog Law + Kev Lar on the Supplement Fitcast = Dy-no-mite.

If you have an Ipod and are into fitness and you still haven’t checked out the Fitcast yet you don’t know what you are missing.

9 ) Speaking of supplements, I got a message from a good friend of mine last night asking me about fat burners to speed up progress.  This question still exists due to clever marketing and ass-clowns like Jillian Michaels who like to pimp useless supplements.  I wrote about Snake Oil a while ago and my stance on supplements so I would get to in depth.

Basically, if it is not already in nature (ex. a “fat burner”) or it makes extravagent claims (ex. a “fat burner”) or it has a picture of a super model on the front (ex. a “fat burner”) you should not take it.

I do recommend that which will enhance your diet if you are training or missing key nutrients.  These include:

  • Protein
  • A multi-vitamin
  • Creatine
  • Fish Oil
  • BCAAs
  • A Greens Supplement
  • Extra Vitamin D (it has been a long winter)

These alone should cover all of your sports nutritional bases.  If you can’t lose weight or burn fat, check your calories and/or your training program.  Not GNC.

10) Yes, I still work in a commercial gym and no matter how awesome the culture is overall, I still see people doing some crazy shit.  Where do people come up with some of their exercises?

Here is a video from PGA pro Ben Crane on the proper way to work out:

11) Is it just me or does the new Spielberg movie Super 8 look pretty intense? Especially since no one knows what it is about.
12) I just wanted to talk a little bit about personal trainer credentials. Like any other industry you have the good and the bad but how can you tell if you are working with a great coach and trainer or some bro who became a trainer because he is a workout-a-holic?

  1. Are they certified?  If they are, ask which one they have and do some online research to find out if they got it from Chuck-E-Cheez.
  2. Did they go to college for exercise physiology or coaching?  This is not completely necessary but it does make a big difference.
  3. Do they research constantly and are they honestly intelligent or do they get their workouts from Men’s Health?
  4. How long have they been training and how long have they been working with many of their clients?  Ask these questions from the start.
  5. Remember, this is your body and your health so choosing the right trainer is a HUGE deal.  You want someone who will constantly work towards helping YOU reach YOUR goals, protect your from injury, and help you become a better person.

Here is a hilarious video that was posted on Facebook last week by Mike Boyle on becoming a personal trainer.

Thats all for now since I have to head to work and yes, I am keeping my fingers crossed that we do not get anymore snow.  The first storm was cool but the 3 after that were just a pain in the ass.

Written by Steve