As I sit back and get ready to watch the Patriots light up the Jets for the third time this year in the AFC playoffs one thing comes to mind: pure domination.

Despite the criticism that Belichik got last year in the video scandal (every team does this), despite Brady’s past injury in 2008 and Welker’s phenomenal comeback from injury this year the Patriots have outperformed every team in the NFL.

Despite all this, they have played like champions and continue to be one of the most dominant teams in the NFL.  Pure determination, drive, and focus.

If you woke up every morning in that mindset there would be nothing stopping you from reaching your goals.  So the next time something seems impossible, think about what it takes to be a champion.

Since I am couchin it for the day and watching the NFL playoffs all day I finally came across a commercial that many of my clients have been talking about.  Before you read the rest of this post I want you to watch the new Planet Fitness commercial and note the stereotypes that come to mind.

Now, I’m not going to lie because this commercial did make me giggle a little bit despite my feelings for Planet Fitness as well as their depiction of bodybuilders and strength athletes in this ad.

What came to your mind?

Bodybuilders are dumb and lifting things up and putting them down will make you a bodybuilder right?

It may be subconscious, but what this commercial is actually doing is showing people that lifting weights will make them dumb.  I’m sure you have all ran into the dumb jock and/or bodybuilder and got a good chuckle but most people who lift weights don’t fit that mold.

Although I am not a bodybuilder, I will defend them in this instance as they may be more intelligent than most people.  Their strict diet, discipline, and exercise habits create a perfect environment for maintaining a high level of brain function.  They might be on to something with all that protein, veggies and fish oil.

Stereotype: Bodybuilders are dumb.

Fact: Proper nutrition and exercise provide a great environment for higher brain function.

This is the kind of ass deadlifting will get you. Nuff said.

It is also giving females another reason to believe the myth that lifting heavy weights will make them “bulky”.  This not only makes my job more difficult but it is sabotaging many females attempts to get strong and fit as well as lose weight.

Myth: Lifting heavy weights will make you big and bulky.

Fact: Lifting heavy weights will make you strong and sexy.

In fact, Planet fitness cracks down on things like grunting, “improper lifts”, using chalk, and lifting heavy weights.  Seriously, WTF?  Judgement free zone my ass, Planet Fitness is keeping their members fat and judging those who want to get strong?  It just seems a little too ironic.  Don’t you think?   A little bit too ironic.  Yeah, I really do think. (I like Alanis, don’t judge me.)

You suck Planet Fitness.  So there.

Written by Steve