Another great day in the books with the clients who came in to train hard after taking a few weeks vacation for the holidays.  Let me tell you, hell hath no fury from a woman scorned who hasn’t trained in a week.  The deadlifts were smooth, the Kettlebell swings were intense, and the sweat was pouring.

There were a few concerns of the gym getting too crowded from the influx of resolutioners but besides a few new guys curling on the squat rack (which will change fast) the floor was our playground.  Was there a boycott of resolution this year?

You would think so but believe me, there wasn’t an empty elliptical in the place.  I’m fairly confident I can pick out exactly who will not be keeping their resolution with sniper-like precision.  These are the unfortunate souls who have wandered into the gym with no direction or plan in place to drop those lbs.

On another note, I am finally able to eat solid food today after 3 weeks battling a stomach virus.  It literally felt like a raccoon was trying to claw it’s way out of my stomach every time I ate.  Yes, no eggs for Steve.  Those little bastards cost me 8lbs and ruined 3 weeks of training for my upcoming powerlifting meet.

Did I stop training?  Does a bear shit in the woods?  I don’t know but I’m sure I can still deadlift more than it because I trained through the pain.  My lifts definitely suffered and I lacked a certain ju ne se quois but I still got my ass in there and did some work.

Being sick, tired, and lazy is no reason to put your training goals on hiatus.  Get your ass in gear and get some mobility and core work done because I’m sure you are lacking.  Heck, we all are.  I didn’t do as many sets as I would have liked and cut out some exercises but I still hit the foam roller and did a little extra mobility warmup exercises.

I am back on track and plan to get my strength up before I compete.  I just have to work a little harder now.

That is all for today as it is getting late and I helped my clients get sexy from 6a.m. to 8p.m.  Tomorrow I am heading over to Cressey Performance and thus banging out one of my goals for 2011 early and going to visit a top-notch training facility to see how the big boys do it.  It is busy over there so I am not expecting to talk shop but it will be cool to see them work with their athletes.

Written by Steve