Well, the New Year is finally here and this is the end of my first year as a strength coach so I wanted to use this last part of my year in review to sit back, sip some champagne and share some of my goals for 2011 with all of you.

I have never been a big on making New Years resolutions because like highschool romance, they are never last.  If there is something you want to change in your life why wait until a giant ball falls from the sky?

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the next best time is now.

-Ancient Chinese Proverb

Before I get into my own goals for the upcoming year I want you to set some of your own goals by asking yourself these questions:

  • How do I feel about the past year?
  • What would I have done differently?
  • What can I improve on?
  • What can I do more of?
  • What can I do less of?

This is the first step to creating a map for setting a goal.

Goal #1

My first big goal for next year is to finish writing my first E-Book “The No Bullshit Guide to Weight Loss”.  This will be my first copywrited material and I am very proud of how it is coming along.  I should have it done shortly so everyone who has been following along will get a copy.

Goal #2

I know the posts have been few and far in between since I have been spending much of my time setting up the new website (P.S. I should have paid someone to do all this but I am stubborn) and plan to do much more writing next year.  My goal isn’t necessarily to write more but to provide more quality content on a regular basis.  I have a long list of topics I put together so prepare for some major knowledge bombs coming from this guy.

Goal #3

My 3rd goal for 2011 is to take some road trips.  Not like spring break road trips although that would be nice.  I plan to make it a point to at least visit 5 strength and conditioning facilities this year.  I live and work about an hour away from some pretty outstanding centers such as Cressey Performance and MBSC.  It would be great to make it out to those places and pick the brains of some of the coaches out there.

Goal #4

In my last post I let you all know that I lack a social life and am continuously reading and educating myself.  I read a total of 37 books last year to improve my skills as a coach and trainer.  This year I plan to read 40 new books and some of last years over again.

Professionally I am going to focus more of that on books that are more geared towards business as that is one area I plan on learning more about.  Stay tuned as I plan to review some of them for all of you who are interested.

Goal #5

My only major physical goal is to pack on some size and strength as I am still getting ready to compete in my first power lifting meet in February.  I want to continue to increase all my lifts and this is the year I plan to get the deadlift up to 500lbs and finally earn my man card.

Goal #6

My final goal is to actually take a vacation in 2011.  I love my job but looking back I really didn’t take any time off to recover from the long hours spent training clients, writing, and leaving my first few footprints in the industry.  I plan to take a week this summer when it begins to slow down and do a little traveling.  Europe would be nice.

Well there you have it.  As with every other year, I only resolve to make this year better than the last.  Thanks for reading following along in 2010 and have a great year everyone.

Written by Steve