I wanted to take today’s post in a different direction and share some videos with all of you of some pretty amazing women.  Too many times I hear the words I can’t, I’m not strong enough, I’ll never be able to do that.  Here is my response.

Girl showing guy whats up.

This is one of my favorite “lol” videos of the week.  Working in a commercial gym myself, this is a picture that I see all too often while working front squats and deadlifts with my clients as the guys who look like they should be doing work wander over to the smith machine to do their quarter squats.  Keep doing what your doing bro, it frees up the squat rack.

Bret Contreras’ client Karli doing sumos.

I feel like once you teach a female client to deadlift and she surpasses 135lbs., you have made a friend for life.  I’m not sure what Karli was doing before she met Bret but she looks phenomenal.  P.S. She is doing sets of 5 with almost twice her bodyweight.

Neghar Fonooni doing 135lb. barbell one-leg RDLs.

Not only does Neghar rock a heavy weight, she does it with perfect form.  And just in case your were wondering, she weighs 123lbs.

Lashinda Demus training for the gold.

Lashinda makes the 400m hurdles look like a walk in the park.  Her training is awe inspiring.

Neghar Fonooni clapping pushups.

Clap pushups are extremely underrated and Neghar once again makes these look easy.

Karli working out.

Strength, mobility, and the desire to train….Karli is a badass.  How many of you use the Zercher Squat, full range chain deadlifts, Bulgarian split squat from a deficit, band-resisted hypers, single leg hip thrusts, and cable chops in the same workout while your name is blasting in the background?  Thats what I thought.

Neghar Fonooni doing 16kg pullups.

Again, this is more than most guys can do.  Take note fellas, full elbow extension.

Fawn Friday does a 16kg sots press pistol squat.

I have never tried this one but Fawn makes it look like cake.  It just goes to show the different things you can train your body to do.  I tip my hat to Fawn for this one.

Track athletes doing work.

Holy explosiveness.  These girls train hard and get it done.

Nia Shanks deadlifts 300lbs. at a bodyweight of 122lbs.

And the pièce de rèsistance in my opinion is strength coach Nia Shanks deadlifting 300lbs in competition.  This is incredibly over 2.5 times her body weight.  If your reading this Nia, you f***ing rock!

Written by Steve