I’ve been in a little bit of a time crunch lately as I’m sure many of you have during the holiday season.  Between visiting family, getting the website up and running, studying for the C.S.C.S, going over new F.M.S. stuff, trying to have  a social life, and being super trainer (or Ninja Steve as one of my clients nicknamed me yesterday), my time to train and workout has become tight.

What I’ve noticed when people lack the mental toughness to make those workouts happen is that they cut out the stuff that they don’t feel gives them the greatest results.  For instance foam rolling and a proper mobility warmup.  Um, helloooo McFly!

For most people this may be the MOST important thing you can do if you are deconditioned and out of shape.  It goes along with the whole movement theory which I am not going to get into but simply stated: movement is the basis of everything we do as human beings.

If you can’t move, losing weight is going to be more difficult than trying to mate a rabbit with a cheetah.  It just doesn’t work as well as you hope.

Foam rolling is not the end-all-be-all, but for those of you with soft tissue restrictions, stretching and mobility work just won’t work as efficiently until you “remove the roadblock”.

Here is a video that I put together showing a quick 3 minute foam rolling circuit that hits all the major muscle groups.  I begin with the hamstrings and then move on to the IT band, TFL, quads then move on to the other side.  I hit the rhomboids in my upper back as well as some T-spine mobility.  The ball comes in handy for your calfs and peroneals (side of calf) as well as getting in deep in the glutes (no homo).

I didn’t hit everything, but you get the idea.  A qualified fitness professional or PT should be able to help you pinpoint the most beneficial areas to concentrate on.  Mainly where your tight and movement is restricted.

So the next time someone asks if you foamrolled and warmed up properly this is what I should hear:

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I recommend the PB Elite Foam Rollers from Perform Better for all of my clients and athletes. 

Written by Steve