Since starting my blog last summer I have gone from about 56 views in my first month to over 5,000 views last month.  No matter how random or off topic I seem to get sometimes, traffic keeps going up which means that people are starting to listen to what I have to say.  I’ve work very hard on this blog by staying staying up late sometimes, doing copious amounts of research, and staying in Friday nights instead of getting wasted and booty-chasing with the guys.

Well, in honor of you all reading what I am putting down I am going to start making some changes to the site.  One of the first things I have just added is a blogroll with the sites of many other strength coaches, friends, and blogs which I regularly check out for some pretty great information.  Straight up knowledge bombs if you will.

There is a lot of conflicting and just plain terrible information in the media, interwebz, and from the broskis that hang around at the local Planet Fitness.  Benching make muscle big.  Me get strong.  Squat quarter depth with 800 lbs., damn  I look cool.  T-shirt time!

I have added these links to inspire you to do some research to cut through the broscience and listen to what real strength coaches, physical therapists, personal trainers and straight up smart guys are doing.  Pick up what they’re putting down.  Smell it.  Step in it.

P.S.  It is in the right column.  Enjoy!

Written by Steve