Like everyone else in the area I have been swamped with work lately (which is never a bad thing) and have been trying my hardest to keep up with the blog for all of you.  All it takes is a little bit of motivation (so thank you all for following my thoughts), a little bit of caffeine (a lot of caffeine this month), and a little bit of old fashioned gumption (I’ve always wanted to use that word). 

gumption -n.- shrewd or spirited iniative or resourcefullness.

Although I have been busy I just wanted to share some of my most recent random thoughts on exercise, fitness, and other stuff that goes on in my head that I can’t explain.  I have been told I am special…not sure what that means but I’ll roll with it.

First off, do you have gumption when it comes to training?  What is your motivation?  Do you have access to the proper resources to help you attain your goals?  I’m confident that you can all tell me what you want (weight-loss, strength, or performance) but do you have a plan? 

One of the valuable lessons that I remember hearing when I was pledging my fraternity in college (yes, I did this) to this day is “Use your resources”.  I use that to this day.  Too many people get into a program or aim for a goal half-assedly without any direction or assistance.  There is so much good information out there to help get you where you want to be it dumbfounds me to see people still plugging away on the eliptical, using tiny pink dumbbells to do curls and doing a bajillion crunches.

The first place I look for assistance in setting up programs are the blogs and books of highly qualified coaches and professionals.  Why not get the best information right from the horses mouth?  Otherwise you will be just as clueless as this assclown:

Sorry, but those are a poor excuse for abs. What do you do for work again? Oh yeah, GTL.

I also wanted to share that I nuked spaghetti squash for lunch today and it was a total success.  It makes a healthy lunch and the rind (husk?  shell?) makes a perfect natural bowl.  You can add salt, pepper and a little parmesan cheese as well.  My takeaway to you: eat more vegetables morning, noon, and night to keep your weight in check.

People that don’t have time to stretch but have time to sit at the end of the bench and “rest” between sets are wasting valuable time.  If you are resting for 30 seconds (which is really 2 minutes…be honest) have time to stretch and/or do a postural/mobility exercise.  I call them “filler” exercises.

Here are a few:

  1. Do facepulls in between sets on the bench.
  2. Do an akle stretch or mobilization between sets of deadlifts.  I prefer to deadlift barefoot so this is an excellent time to stretch the ankle.
  3. Do a set of wall slides between sets of rows.
  4. Heel-to-butt hip flexor stretch between sets of squats.

Next question, do people who wear Shape-Ups really think they are getting in shape?  Getting fit is hard work but should be fun and ultimately rewarding.  Those damn shoes make you look like a damn fool and are probably doing more harm than good.  Sketchers company: I hate you.

Something else that is doing way more harm than good is trainer to the starts, Tracy Anderson.  In my opinion she is about as useful as useful as the ShakeWeight.  In other words, she sucks.  Check out this article to to see why.

Final thought for the day: If your working your ass off in the gym and still not getting the results you want your doing something wrong.  Simple.  The first place to look is your diet, especially if your trying to lose some extra fat. 

Too many times I have seen people get set up with a great workout plan and give up because the scale doesn’t budge.  It’s like trying to turn your Ford Fiesta into a Ferrari and then putting soda in the tank instead of gas.  If your trying really hard to burn fat and drinking a can of diet soda everynight then you are sabotaging yourself before you can ever reach the finish line.

If you are struggling with diet, here are a few resources that are considered top quality in the industry:

Precision Nutrition

This is bar-none one of the the best resources for nutritional advice out there.  Dr. John Berardi provides you with simple eating plans, nutritional advice, cookbooks, and the whole shebang when comes to nutrition science.  This is mandatory if you are struggling with your diet.

Eat Stop Eat

This was written by Brad Pilon and helps to dispell many of the food industry myths as well as many dieting myths.  This no-frills resource will give you a new perspective on dieting and how to do it properly and teach you how to cut through all the new and old fads that plague the media.

Written by Steve