I haven’t done a great reads post in a couple of weeks so I just wanted to share some of the great articles that I have been reading.  For anyone who is new to my blog, you don’t have to read them all unless you are like me and stay in Friday nights to read (Saturday night is when all the magic happens….more reading).  For everyone else, skim through and definitely check out the articles and such that suit you.  Most of these were written by someone much smarter than myself so I highly recommend reading a few.

Before I get in to it I just have to give a shout out to my friend Mike who after finishing up as an assistant writer for the show LOST (tear) landed himself a gig as a writer for the new show Hawaii Five-0.  I watched the season premier last Tuesday and it definitely kicks some serious ass.  Great action, humor, and story line.  Book ’em Dano.

Side note Mike started checking out my blog back in May and asking for advice on how to lose a few pounds.  Apparently writers are on a steady diet of junk food and booze, who knew.  Anyways, through much of what he has learned along with some dietary changes has dropped 25 lbs.  Awesome!  (Previously on LOST…)

  • Tony Gentilcore’s blog is typically the first I go to not only for a good laugh but for some great information.  Here’s one for the ladies called “Still Think Lifting Heavy Things Makes You Big and Bulky?
  • Here is one I found pretty interesting in the NY Times called Doctor’s Orders: Eat Well to Be Well.  Hmmm (raises eyebrows), I think the medical profession is finally starting to get it.
  • Gaining Muscle and Losing Fat, Is It Possible? Tom Venuto goes into this issue as his new e-book Holy Grail Transformation System just hit shelves.  Tom is a smart dude.  Period.
  • Great T-Nation article called Building the Apex Predator Body by Nate Green and Nick Tuminello.  Great insight in how to build a siiick body complete with program and exercise videos.  Worth checking out.
  • Talking about Nick, here is the link to his YouTube called Performance U page with hundreds of performance videos on some great exercises.  This is a great resource for anyone and one that I checkout every so often.
  • What is a Beautiful Female Body? by Cassandra Forsythe.  She is one hot mama but her answer is one that you feel comfortable in.
  • Check out the MyoForce blog for some great exercises to do on that strappy thing that hangs on our wall with the pulley thingy.  (I heard it called this by a client and it is now the strappy thingy)

We do this!!!

  • Here is a pretty awesome post by Keats Snideman on The Other 23 Hours which gives you some techniques to combat stiffness and put all that soft tissue mumbo jumbo I give you to good use.  Believe me, it works.
  • Here are Three Critical Qualities of Distance Running Success.  Very important stuff all you marathoners of which I am not.
  • A new guy who’s sight I just checked out had a good point on Building the Perfect Body.  Check out Chad Howse’s idea on what the “perfect body” actually is.  You may be surprised.

So I don’t overload you all I am going to end it there but here is one last thing that I learned last week and wanted to share for those of you with bad backs.  Sleeping on your stomach is BAD.  It puts your spine in an extended position for a long period of time and may worsen conditions that may already exist.  The best position is on your back with a pillow under your knees or on your side with a pillow between your knees.  That is all.  Have a great weekend.

Written by Steve