This is going to be a short one and I haven’t done one of these posts in a while so I just wanted to share some of the great articles and posts that I have been reading over the past couple of weeks.  Enjoy!

Fall is here, which means football is here and I am ready to watch Brady kick some ass on the gridiron.  Tom Brady we love you and here is my tribute: Tom Brady Mancrush video.  I am a little busier than I typically am so yes, I will be postponing my fantasy football addiction until next year.  Sorry guys, I will not be huddled up around the t.v. ferociously checking stats and yelling at the Bear’s defense who owned my life last year.

One topic that I have never touched upon is one of the most important to our lives on this planet and effect our fitness more than we realize.  It is breathing.  Who knew that breathing could actually be detrimental to your health?  Check out these articles by Carson Boddicker and Patrick Ward.

Don’t let the knees pass the toes and other squatting myths by Patrick Ward.  This is an eye opener and offers some insight into what is going on when you squat.  Ever heard the term ass to the grass or ATG?

While we’re on the subject of squat, I have to mention that I have seen an increasing number of people stepping up to the kettlebell rack and starting to swing.  Good job I say!  Except for the fact that the way you are swinging makes my spine cry like it just finished watching The Notebook.  I am seeing new swingers squat swinging and using their back rather than using all the power in the hips.  This post by Tony Gentilcore should clear that up.

Here is more on understanding your abs parts one and two by Mike Robertson.  Yes you have a six pack and no you can’t see it because you are still eating  junk.  Just sayin.

Here is a pretty cool post showing how to do the Pistol Squat.  This is not an easy exercise but with the proper progression you can amaze your friends.  

And not to beat a dead horse but as you all know my goal for 2011 is to be able to deadlift 5 plates.  I am en route to hit 405 by October and the numbers are still rising steadily.  Here is yet another article on deadlifting like the badass I know you are.

Happy football Sunday!  It is the one day I will allow myself to not leave the couch and I will enjoy.

Written by Steve