As I’m sure, all of you will be reading this next Tuesday so I hope you enjoyed this fantastic Labor Day weekend.  Yesterday I got to watch the Sox further diminish their chances at even coming close to a playoff spot but there’s always next year in Red Sox Land.  Manny is back with the White Sox and yes, I was one of the fans to cheer is ass every time he came on field.  He helped bring home 2 championships and is one of the greatest players to ever play the game.  Don’t hate, he’s just being Manny.

  1. Per usual, I got the “how do I lose weight” question from a drunk friend.  Yes, I being a personal trainer I get asked this question a lot.  Annoying?  Not really because I love talking about fitness.  But answering that question properly takes a lot of consideration and answering that to a drunk person is the same as being asked how to turn piss into wine.  Although a tough question, my basic words of wisdom are: “Do your actions match your goals?”  If you want to lose weight and are still eating Debbie Snacks and apple turnovers every day like my friend told me then my assumption is no.  If your goals is to lose weight, then make sure your actions reflect that.  Simple right?
  2. Ben Affleck playing the leader of a group of criminals who falls in love with one of the hostages at their latest heist?  Set in the greatest city in the world: Boston ?  This movie is going to be crap-in-your-pants awesome.  I will be sitting Lux level for this one guys.
  3. Sorry guys, I just realized I commented on bodily functions twice.  It won’t happen again.
  4. Ok one more time because I just vomited in my mouth when I found out that “The Situation” from the Jersey Shore has created a workout video.  Anyone who’s motto is GTL should not be giving personal training advice on how to get ripped.  I could go on but I will stop here.
  5. One thing that does kick ass is this new smoothie that I tried yesterday.  I love smoothies for the simple reason that I can add my own ingredients into something that is purely delicious and doesn’t include unnatural ingredients that you will find in many juices and store bought products.  So yesterday I decided to try this awesomely delicious “green” smoothie (2 servings):

-1/2 cup almond milk

-handful of spinach (rinsed)

-1 whole banana

-1 green apple

-1 whole mango

-2 tsp organic shredded coconut

Enjoy this prime early fall weather and see you all back in the gym on Tuesday.

Written by Steve