It’s about time that a company start portraying women as sexy AND strong and who better than the NIKE corporation.  I came across their new ad campaign showing women how sexy it is to have a strong posterior.  So kudos to you Nike for hopefully inspiring a whole new generation of women to start working on some of their finer assets.  The awesomeness of this ad campaign is unparalleled in sheer bad-ass-ness.  I have praised the work of such trainers as Bret Contreras, otherwise known as “The Glute Guy” for his innovations in gluteal training for many reasons.  Here is one of my favorite articles that he wrote back in April of this year.  I have also written several other posts on the matter here and here, and plan to write many more.  In order, here are my top 5 reasons to train the glutes:

  1. They balance your hips to help prevent low back pain.
  2. They enhance athletic performance.
  3. They enhance your strength in lifts like squats and deadlifts.
  4. Developing them will aid in fat burning.
  5. Everyone likes a nice booty….everyone.

P.S.  I just finished watching Marley and Me…good thing I don’t cry because that movie is sad as hell. *sniff*


Written by Steve