This is going to be a weekly post of various articles I read and websites I visit that I deem relatively important for you all to check our.  Either that or it is just something that peaked my interest for the moment but either way it will be stuff you may find beneficial to your fitness goals or just may be something to read while your pretending to work.  I really couldn’t think of a great title for this section so here’s the deal.  I am going to run a contest for everyone who reads my spectacular blog.  If you can think of a title for this section where I will be posting links and articles then post it in the comments section and whoever posts the most clever title the next session is on me.  Priceless.

  • Here is a new blog I came across while reading Tony Gentilicore’s blog that is a MUST read for all women titled Not Just A Man’s World.  This site has potential to be one of the best free resources site for women and has oodles of great posts on diet, training, psychology and other womanly things that I am no expert on.  This woman is so check out this site, more specifically her recent post called Weight Training Women.
  • Reading through my usual sites this morning I noticed that several were pointing towards this long ass post by Brett Contreras titled Puppies in Vices: The Deleterious Effects of Sitting.  All I have to say is this covers some ground when it comes to low back pain, our shitty posture, what sitting has done to devolve human beings and how to correct it.  ‘This will definitely cause the wheels to start turning and definitely open some eyes.
  • Here is also one of my favorites by Nate Green who is just a tad bit more hilarious then myself.  His posts are geared towards guys and I can relate to 99.9% of what he posts which is about 99.8% more than I can relate to the gf (love you).  Here is his post on the 80/20 Rule which states 80% of our return comes from about 20% of our efforts.  Basically get stop doing all the crap that is useless and focus on the 20% of stuff that actually works.  Feel free to comment and ask what that 20% is because it is basically what I am devoting my life’s work to finding out.

The stuff I post is for you guys to read, learn and enjoy so I will continue to do my best to bring you the highest quality content possible.  I got this question yesterday and yes, I do write all of my own blog posts based on what I research and read on a daily basis.  My posts are my thoughts and my opinions only and I like to think I am right (even when I am not).  I have no problem linking you to other sites and articles as there is not enough time in the day to post as much information as I like.

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Peace, Love, and Biting.


Written by Steve