Life is all about motivation and hustle to create the best you.  As you all know I like to read like crazy and am able to dedicate a huge proportion of my life to staying fit and learning more about fitness due to the fact that I love my profession, I WILL be the best at what I do one day, I’m not married with kids, and I don’t watch any television anymore since LOST has finally concluded.  I teared up a few times but f.y.i. personal trainers only cry when their clients reach the highest of their goals.

On a daily basis, I wake up and get right to work – reading magazines, online magazines, books, journals, blogs, watching videos, listening to podcasts, responding to emails, participating in forums, checking Twitter and Facebook, and writing new articles and blogs.  And believe it or not I do all this before 7a.m. when I get to work at Fitcorp where I’m either running my new kick-ass outdoor bootcamp or working with my clients to fix their imbalances, erase their weaknesses, and transform their bodies to that of the Greek Gods.  You want Aphrodite, you got it.  Or do you?

What most people want is a body to be comfortable in, to be healthy and to be sexy enough to be desired by the opposite sex.  We are all vain whether we admit it or not.  I haven’t played sports since college and yet I still train like I would train my top athletes.  Why?  Because I like the way my body moves, feels, and I want to look good.  I’m pretty sure if you are still reading this then you are in the same boat.

I know what sexy is for me, strength and flexibility in movement.  I want to be strong as hell in every aspect of movement without looking like a bodybuilder and moving like an action figure.  You know, like a pile of body parts that only move in one direction at a time and are as flexible as a piece of plastic.  Strong, yes.  Sexy, no.

And I can’t speak for all of man kind but I find the exact same sexiness in women.  Nothing makes me drool more then watching a petite little flower move a 135lb. barbell like it was her bitch.  I’ve touched on this in past articles and I will say it again girls: lifting heavy weights does not make you look bulky like a man.  If you still don’t believe me then check out this clip of model Katie Cole training hard with personal trainer Brett Contreras: Dead F***ing Sexy .

Notice that she is doing many of the same exercises that I have been doing with you all since day one.  Hmmm.  “If we do the same exercises then why don’t I look like her?”.  Good question young grasshopper.  Which brings me to my next point.  Lift heavy.  Challenge yourself.  Stay motivated.  Basically you have to push past your limits and crush that mental road block of “I can’t do that” or “Thats too hard!”.  Do you want to look good?  Eat better and train hard.

And if you missed that link to Katie Cole’s workout I am going to post it again here: Best Butt.  And here: Wowza.  And watch her form on many of the exercises.  The knees stay back and the hips stay solid and move behind the body allowing her to stay safe and use correct form.  This is VERY important.  And holy butt-blaster Batman, look at all that weight!

Stay sexy Boston and have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Written by Steve