I’m going to share  one of the hidden gems of Fitcorp with you in tonights post.  The back back stairwell behind the front desk and next to all the stairmasters (go figure) provides one of the greatest and most challenging cardio workouts in the gym.  Some of my clients I am able to turn on to the stairs and others avoid them like the plague.  In my opinion there isn’t a single piece of cardio equipment that can compare to the killer workout that the stairs provide.

Your first time up may be an extremely humbling experience as they challenge a different metabolic system than simply running or using the eliptical.  They provide a power component simply by lightly jogging up the stairwell, causing a rapid fatigue of your muscles as well as your lungs if you are unconditioned but the benefits that this provides is incredible.  Adding them to your workout will accelerate fat burning and increase your cardiorespiratory fitness by leaps and bounds.  Believe me, I know these things.

Stairs are hard, but I never said losing weight was going to be easy.  At first the stairs will kick your ass and this is good because it gives you a ton of room for improvement.  Improvement will shock your metabolism and this will create the fat loss that you always dreamed of.  Promise.

To begin working out on the stairs try just jogging up as many flights as possible until you get fatigued to the point where your legs won’t carry you any further.  If your legs can still move you can keep going.  This is where mental toughness comes in so keep your eye on the prize.  There are 22 floors to the stairwell so unless you can sprint the whole way up there is mucho room for improvement.  Another workout that I have grown to love/hate are intervals.  Try jogging up to the 7th floor (5 flights since we start on the 2nd floor) and then jogging back down while recovering.  Once you reach the bottom turn around and run right back up to 7.  Repeat this 5 times and you have yourself a killer interval training session.  To go the extra mile try this with the weight vest we have stashed in the trainer office.

Before I leave you and the Celtics hopefully sweep the Magic, I want to share a great book I just finished called “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk.  If you’re interested in social media, Crush It is a must-have.  If you plan on running a business, already run a business, sell a product (in my case thats myself), or have a passion that you just want to cash in on then buy this book.

Gary Vaynerchuk has built an entire business around social media and the Internet.  I can see how important this is going to be going forward as a personal trainer, and it’s why I’ve made a concerted effort to improve my web presence.  Gary talks about hustle and busting your ass to get ahead and how to market your personal brand using all of the latest social media platforms.  It is a killer resource for getting your name and brand out there by using free media such as blogs, facebook, twitter, youtube, and many more.

Written by Steve