I hope you were all able to get outdoors this weekend as the weather in Boston is finally starting to break.  This is the time where all the hard work in the gym comes in handy for allowing you to get outside and enjoy other activities such as biking, roller blading, hiking, and like myself rock climbing, scuba diving, and maybe enjoying an adult beverage or two near the beach grilling up some chicken kabobs.  If you are like me then spring fever is kicking in hardcore and you need to get outdoors and in high gear asap.

The gym is a great way to stay in shape but the best kinds of exercise are the ones that are fun and get you moving and away from your daily routine.  Nothing will breathe life back into your body like getting  outside and doing all the things that you aren’t able to all winter.  Meaning not doing all the things you are able to do all winter like sitting in front of the tv.  Whatever it is, do what you love to do or something that you have always wanted to do.  Join a Beer League (a.k.a. local softball league,), participate in activities at your local Y.M.C.A. such as volleyball, or just get out with the kids or some friends and shoot some hoops.

If you have been working out all winter and have been following a proper exercise plan to help you to move better then put your body to good use.  It’s never too late to do all the things you want and the less you use your body now the harder it will be in the future.   An old proverb states: “THE BEST TIME TO PLANT A TREE IS TWENTY YEARS AGO.  THE NEXT BEST TIME IS NOW’.

This philosophy was presented to me just recently at my visit to the dentist for a deep cleaning.  Now going to the dentist is something that should be done at least annually but being a former procrastinator and lacking the insurance I have put it off for almost 5 years.  Now don’t get me wrong, I take great care of my teeth, brush twice a day, and floss a few times a week.  I know I should have made an appointment forever ago but I did not and instead of continuing to put it off I did something about it.  The same can be said about working out.  So what if you haven’t done it in 45 years, it is never to late to get off your ass and do something about it.

What sparked the idea for this post is something that one of the fantastic dental hygienists, who was amazing by the way, said to me after my cleaning (my teeth look like brand new).  She simply told me that even though I slacked for so long in getting to the dentist I was given a second chance with a new smile.  Being a personal trainer I know all about second chances as I help people create new lifestyles and help teach them how to undo years of bad habits, bad exercise, and bad posture.  I get them moving and get their bodies back into proper alignment so they can do the things that they have always wanted to do.

The only way to get fit and fix your body is to get up and DO.  DO work, DO exercise, DO move, DO stay motivated, and DO stay consistent.  You have a second chance, are you going to DO or are you going to give up?

Before I leave, I definitely want to plug my new dentist as well as her whole office.  I saw an advertisement for Seaport Dental in the Improper Bostonian and decided to check it out.  Everything from being greeted at the front desk to being treated by the hygienist to meeting with Dr. Rooney rocked.  Most of us have a mental picture of the dentist’s office being sterile, nerve-racking, and uncomfortable but Seaport far from any of those things.  The level of professionalism was extraordinary and I actually felt right at home sitting in the chair chatting with the staff and look forward to future visits.  If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while then I highly recommend checking them out.

Written by Steve